Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical Contractors:

  Faster, More Accurate, Less Expensive and Fewer Problems

These are Tough Times for Contractors. What Can You Do?

You can use Precision Point and start "Bidding with an Edge"

What Can You Do?

This is a very difficult time for contractors. As the economy has slowed, construction jobs are scarce, bidding is extremely competitive and, as a result, revenues are way down and profit margins are squeezed.

You don't need us to tell you this. But we want you to know that we understand the realities of the contractor in the current economy. The key question is: "What can you do?"

A reasonable set of priorities for today's contractor might be:

Priority One: getting jobs.
Priority Two: being profitable on those jobs.
Priority Three: doing a high-quality job.
Priority Four: generating a high level of General Contractor satisfaction and loyalty.

How Do You Make It Happen?

How can you bid competitively, make a profit and do a high quality job?

You can reduce costs without compromising quality. As you can see from other sections of our site, the Precision Point System can reduce your layout time by up to 75%. And it can contribute to a higher quality, more accurate job at the same time.

Having confidence in lower cost means that you can submit more competitive bids confidently.

Greater accuracy and fewer mistakes save time and money and reduce headaches and hassles for the General Contractor. Accomplishing the layout quickly means that you don't cause scheduling problems (staying ahead of the steel) and you don't contribute to conflict between trades. This should help your reputation as a desirable member of a team for any General Contractor.

Inexpensive and Simple to Use

The bonus is that this is not an expensive system and it's simple to use.

And we provide support and training that will help you with managing the entire layout process:
getting the information you need from the Architect and the General Contractor and raising red flags when you see that the project may be heading for trouble.

Flexibility: Trades and Construction Methods

You can set it up manually, using typical prefab-type procedures at the shop or in the field. Or, you can set it up using CAD and Precision Point software to prepare the disc automatically.

Can be used for almost any object that needs to be precisely located on the job: sleeves, inserts, cored holes, walls, etc.

Works for typical prepour, hollowcore or plank layouts. But it also works for post-pour layouts for all trades.